Can I get the First Loan Without Interest?

“Free loan” – sounds like something unreal. However, you will find a loan offer at 0% in some Russian microcredit companies. This type of loan is beneficial for everyone at once: the MFI assesses the possibilities of a new client, and the borrower receives the desired funds without any additional charges. It is impossible to refuse such an offer.

Free loan – the best way to solve temporary financial difficulties!



Competition in the microfinance market is quite severe, so companies are trying to attract as many clients as possible and lure borrowers from other MFIs or banks, offering more interesting terms and bonuses. For example, some companies recently decided to combine the benefits of microloans and credit cards and began issuing their plastic MFI cards to make the loan process for regular customers even faster.

It is possible to get the required amount of debt from an MFI through a bank account, and to an electronic wallet, and in cash – by issuing a loan through the contact system or the golden crown. Of course, regular borrowers enjoy the greatest privileges, but beginners also have a chance to grab luck by the tail. Leading Russian microcredit companies have in their arsenal a first loan offer at 0%. Such a loan will most likely be for a small amount and a relatively short period of time, but even such a small loan can greatly help in difficult times, and the debt paid in time will start a successful credit history for free.

Despite the fact that the first loan may be deprived of all additional payments for MFI services, you should not treat it lightly. It is necessary to return such a microloan strictly on time, which is stipulated in the contract, otherwise very unpleasant consequences await you: a spoiled credit rating , a fine from the company and a bad reputation in this MFO (that is, the risk of not getting a subsequent loan).

Compare loan offers

Compare loan offers

We hurry to reassure those who, for the first time in their lives, decided to draw a microloan: finding an offer that suits you is not as difficult and energy-consuming as you might think. All loan options from Russian companies are available online, as well as helpful articles and reviews on MFIs. If you want to consider a particular offer in more detail, use the MFI ratings, which are updated every month. Do not rush to the first sentence found – it is likely that there are much more favorable options. You can compare loan offers on the Arsène Lupin portal, identifying in the search all the requirements that you make to the MFI: the amount and term of the loan, the necessary documents, and so on. After weighing all the pros and cons, you can safely fill out an application for a microloan.

If you have already found “your” lender that fits all the parameters, we advise you to download his application on your smartphone, or subscribe to the newsletter. Thus, you will be one of the first to learn about promotions and bonuses, and you can also get a loan in the application at any time with instant speed.



If you approach the choice of MFIs with a vision, then you should look at the additional shares and bonuses from microfinance organizations . For each company, it is very important that borrowers stay with them as long as possible, and from the category of novices and “birds of passage” switch to the category of regular customers. Therefore, with each new loan, the user’s opportunities increase: the amount available for a loan gradually increases, the contract validity period becomes longer, the interest rate decreases, and extension of the loan becomes cheaper and the like. In this regard, it is very profitable to choose from the first loan the company that is set up for fruitful cooperation with each client and offers a decent loyalty program or benefits for loans to certain groups of the population. In addition, some microfinance organizations provide their borrowers with access to a quality “educational” program, in which experts give useful advice on loans and budget planning, security in financial services, etc.

If you know that in the near future you will need financial assistance from outside, look through the websites of leading microfinance organizations: you can often find interesting offers and bonuses there. As for bonuses, they most often appear on the eve of a holiday: on the eve of Christmas and New Year, February 23 and March 8, Easter, Children’s Day and so on. Sometimes MFIs organize contests at the beginning of a new season (for example, when summer comes) or offer a discount to a borrower on his birthday. Recently, credit companies also offer clients a loan on more pleasant terms if they invite a friend to the MFI or indicate more information about themselves in the loan application form. In any case, do not lose sight of the chance to save money on a loan .



Turning to a credit company for a microloan, you must very soberly assess your financial capabilities. If you take a loan for the amount that you can exactly return in the near future, you will be much calmer. When you return the loan on time, your loan will definitely remain free, because you can avoid having to pay fines and penalties for late payment. Being a conscientious and responsible borrower is also beneficial for the reason that you will be in good standing with any company and can count on concessions from the MFI. In addition, your credit history will be exemplary, which will help you get a loan or a loan at any time, without the need for additional documents, references or, as is customary in pawnshops , collateral. Otherwise, the only available banking product with a damaged credit history is a prepaid card .

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