Quick Payday Loan – From Abroad Free of Charge

In principle, loans are not free of debt in Germany. All banks based in Germany always check how solvent the customer is. If problems are reported to the Schufa, a loan will be denied. All that remains for those affected is the option of applying for quick payday loans via foreign countries free of any schafafrei. But how do you find such loans?

Apply for a loan from abroad free of charge

Apply for a loan from abroad free of charge

By comparison computer on the Internet, the loan seeker finds the appropriate provider. First of all, direct contact between the bank and the customer is not established. The quick payday loan Schufa-free is available exclusively through intermediaries who also take care of all formalities. Nevertheless, a comparison is always worthwhile, because the effective annual interest rates fluctuate within the individual banks. The application for a loan can be made online for free.

After a short time, either the green light is emitted or the cancellation is canceled. The customer must send his proof of income and the employment contract, each in copy, to the financial service provider. He in turn sends the loan application. After signing and returning the documents, it only takes a few days for the money to be transferred to the borrower.

Is that legal?

Applying for quick payday loan from abroad is completely legal. Schufa only has banks and companies affiliated with Germany. Banks in Switzerland or Liechtenstein have no access to the data stored in the Schufa.

For this reason, quick payday loans are not only suitable for credit-impaired people, but also for those who want to conceal a loan from the Schufa. This also moves within the scope of legality. The banks also refuse a loan, even if a loan is already payable. Only an increase is possible. A loan from abroad is therefore an option.

The loan amount is limited

The loan amount is limited

However, you should not expect large sums of money with an quick payday loan. The maximum amount, depending on the income, is 3,500, – Euro or 5,000, – Euro. Who, for example, as a single person has a net income of € 1,100, gets 3,500, – € awarded as a loan amount. From a net salary of 1,600, – Euro, the borrower can apply for a sum of 5,000, – Euro.

How Expensive is an Quick Payday Loan from Abroad?

How Expensive is an Instant Loan from Abroad?

For the mediation there is only a commission for the financial service provider. How high this is, depends on the offer. It is unusual to require a prepayment for dubious benefits. In addition there are costs for the processing fees and the effective annual interest. However, they are a little higher than a loan from a German bank. Banks abroad pay well for lending to Germany.

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