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Read useful articles about our blog on topical monetary issues. Apply for a loan from Bigbank »You do not commit to clicking on the button. You can use the services offered by the company or not, it is up to you. I have only praise for this bank. Although I got a cheaper personal offer and it was a long tree cheaper than any other! Established in Estonia, a bank specializing in term deposits and consumer loans.

In addition to Estonia, Bigbank also provides services in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Spain. Let’s take a closer look at what Bigbank’s charm is and what loan services you can apply for Bigbank. Bigbank strives to help all Estonians reach their goals. For this, Bigbank provides various consumer loans. Although there are so-called hobby loans and repair loans on Bigbank’s page, the conditions of all of them are broadly similar. Bigbank provides loans up to EUR 25,000 and up to 60 months. Bigbank is also at a very good level of interest, as the company allows people with good credit standing to get a loan of less than 10 percent interest rate.

In addition, Bigbank’s demands are very reasonable for its customers: it is enough to earn a loan of only € 300. Next to it, Bigbank shines with its very simple application process, which makes it possible to know the first answer right away. In this way, you do not have to wait expeditiously for your loan application response, as you will only know in a matter of minutes whether you qualify for a loan. In summary: Bigbank is one of the most affordable and flexible service lenders who have remained with the Financer.

In other words, Bigbank Eesti loans are unsecured. The net salary must be at least EUR 300 each month. Bigbank hire-purchase In addition to flexible small loans, Bigbank also offers hire-purchase. Up to 10,000 euros can be applied for postpay and up to 5 years, with a monthly income of at least 200 euros, which is lower than for small loans. All 20-73 year olds can apply for a hire purchase. Bigbank hire is available in more than 200 different stores, including Bauhof, Espak, Kaup24, Hansapost. K-Iron, Goldtime, Sportland and many others.

Fast and personal loan from Bigbank Bigbank enables its clients a personal and flexible approach. In addition to providing loan services, the company is a specialized bank and, as a result, Bigbank has the resources to deal with its customers in greater depth. Like the bank, Bigbank also has deposits! Bigbank offers its clients online advice on their website, and the company has an extensive network of representations in the Baltic States, providing customers with a convenient way to personalize and formalize loan services. In Estonia and Latvia, the company’s services are also available in post offices and, regardless of location, customers are able to consume all the services offered by the company via the Internet and by telephone.

Procedures for Aquiring Loan

Procedures for Aquiring Loan

The loan amounts start at EUR 500 and reach EUR 15,000, with a loan repayment period of 1 year to 6 years. Customers can extend the loan period and also apply for a holiday. € 121.32, loan repayments € 7,279.58 and the total amount you pay € 7,369.58. Refinancing a loan with Bigbank What can you do if you are in debt and can no longer handle existing loan payments?

The refinancing of a loan offered by Bigbank can also be helpful. However, paying monthly payments is much more convenient and there is no need to make regular payments in ten different locations. The conditions for refinancing in Bigbank are actually the same as for other loans. To get a loan, your monthly net income must be min. 300 euros and you must be 20 years old.

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