Care Services

Case Management/Advocacy

To ensure that all persons living with or affected by HIV/AIDS get proper care and support; case management, advocacy, and information and referral services are available at no charge. Case managers work one-on-one to determine each person’s specific needs. Once the individual’s needs have been identified, a service plan is developed to help the client meet his or her needs. Services may be provided in-house or case managers will facilitate access to other appropriate services that may include: medical care, housing, alcohol/drug treatment, mental health care and a variety of other services. Case managers can also assist with the application process for a variety of programs.

If you are HIV positive and wish to become a client of The Project, contact Elizabeth McChesney, Care Services Supervisor, by phone at 515-284-0245 or by email here.

Mental Health

The diagnosis of and challenges of living with HIV/AIDS can be extremely difficult. Individuals living with the disease may feel isolated and overwhelmed with multiple barriers to health and success. These challenges often result in depression, anxiety, and overall mental health concerns that sometimes go undiagnosed and untreated.

The Project’s mental health program provides counseling and mental health case management to individuals living with HIV/AIDS. As studies show that rates of depression are higher for people living with HIV than in the general population, this program is designed to help clients recognize the signs and symptoms of depression and understand available treatment options.

Counseling is conducted in a non-judgmental accepting environment by therapists familiar with the complex issues associated with HIV/AIDS. If you are interested in counseling or would like information on how mental health case management may be helpful, contact Elizabeth at 515-284-0245 or by email.

Food Pantry

A food pantry is available to families and individuals living with HIV. The pantry, stocked with a variety of food and personal items, is funded by donations from businesses, social groups, individuals, and churches. Donations of items and money are always welcome.

Direct Financial Assistance

There are a number of services/programs available to assist with specific needs. Each program has its own eligibility rules and requirements. At times, some programs may have a waiting list depending on funding availability. Case managers assist clients in applying for these programs:

– Housing Assistance
– Transportation
– AIDS Drug Assistance Program
– Emergency Financial Assistance
– Disability, Medicaid, Food Stamps
– General Relief, WIC, FIP, etc.