The Be The Cure program is modeled after evidence-based interventions approved and demonstrated to be effective by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Program components include:

Free HIV Testing

The Project offers free rapid HIV testing to high-risk groups at our office in the East Village as well as at community events. For more information about HIV testing, click here.

Hepatitis Testing/Vaccination

The Project partners with Polk County Health Department to refer individuals for Hepatitis and full STD-screenings. We do offer genital chlamydia and gonorrhea screenings at our office, please contact us for more information.

Minority and Targeted Outreach

Culturally competent staff are trained to conduct outreach in community-based settings ranging from African American owned barber shops to homeless shelters.

Peer-Based Interventions

Peer advocates are trained to encourage and offer tips to help their friends overcome real-life prevention challenges. Role model stories are also published based on accounts of local community members who have addressed difficult situations to avoid HIV. Packaged as pocket-sized pamphlets, new role model stroies are published and distributed each month.

Group and Individual Level Interventions

Risk reduction planning sessions are offered to groups and individuals to assist participants in identifying specific “risk triggers.”